Mine and Leanne’s live rendition of an old classic.

The Brookes

—Witch Hunt

The Brookes - Witch Hunt

LIVE on Radio Cardiff 'Soulful Breakfast Show' with Jeremy Rees and Nadia Hamilton-Jones

Saturday 14th September 2013

The Brookes

—Seven To Seven

Seven to Seven LIVE on Radio Cardiff.
Wednesday 25th September on Soul of the Blues with Jeremy Rees.

Interview with Mathew Robson at Secret Sounds UK and also the live footage for Seven to Seven at our first showcase gig at The Moon Club, Cardiff.

The Brookes at The Moon Club

The full audio of our interview and live session for the Soulful Saturday Breakfast show with Jeremy Rees and Nadia Hamilton-Jones at RADIO CARDIFF 98.7fm.

Includes the songs…
1. 7 to 7 - Written and performed by THE BROOKES  (Copyright 2013)
2. Witch Hunt - Written and performed by THE BROOKES (Copyright 2013)

Recording and broadcast copyright of RADIO CARDIFF.


It’s not an acoustic show, its not a rock show, its going to be like nothing I’ve done before. I get to play three different instruments and incorporate electronic elements similar to that of few soundtracks I’ve done recently. That’s just the playing part. Its also based on songs written in the space of a year about 27 years of mine and Leanne’s lives. That and certain visual elements make it the most personal we’ve been in front of people since we got married and became The Brookes. Hope to see you at the Full Moon September 14th


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We were really happy to be featured in the second issue of the online fashion magazine OFF THE HOOK. The feature was written by Olivia Alessandra.

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